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Earlen has been asked from time to time to write articles for various dressage organizations. Attached are some of the articles. She co-chaired the Education Committee for the East Coast Regional Dressage Association at which time she wrote the Dressage Educational Tidbits monthly column.  Most recently she was asked to write an article (Understanding "Correct" Contact) for the "Official's Corner" in the Eastern States Dressage and Combined Training Association's Newsletter, May 2009.
If you have any questions, you can give Earlen a call at 856-769-1916.

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Understanding "Correct" Contact   VIEW ARTICLE HERE

Is There Any Need For A Dressage Foundation For A Hunter?   VIEW ARTICLE HERE

Riding A Correct Bend              VIEW ARTICLE HERE

On the Bit                                    VIEW ARTICLE HERE

Dressage Educational Tidbits (monthly column), including:

  •        Want to Improve Your Downward Transitions from Canter to Trot?

  •        Does Your Horse's Trot and/or Canter Get Too Quick?

  •        Timing of Aids at the Trot

  •        What's the Inside & the Outside of the Horse?

  •        Natural Instincts of the Horse

  •        Does Your Horse Jig Rather than Walk?

  •        Understanding the Biomechanics of the 3 Beat Canter

  •        What are the Correct Driving Aids?                 VIEW ARTICLE HERE

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