The majority of the course is outside of the pastures in fields and woods but there are also jumps through the pasture fence lines and in and out of the ring to the fields. The course is very horse friendly and is geared toward progressively educating your green horse or rider. Jump heights range from approximately 1' to 3'3". You may school with your coach or ground person or take lessons with Earlen.

Cross Country Course
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The course consists of a bank jump, stream crossings, a coffin, a trakehner, a water jump, a hogs back, coops, log piles, gates, a snake fence, roll top, single logs, railroad ties, brush piles, etc.

Lots of variations can be made on the course to suit your horse/rider needs. For instance some logs are very small, only about 1' high. Some coops are 18" but can have rails added to make them about 3'3". Coops can be slid forward or back to have a landing on level ground or a down hill landing. One section of the bank is as small as 1' and another section is about 3'. It can be jumped up or down or across with an up and down option. The coffin is about 1' deep with 2' width at one end and 3' at the other end and can be jumped without rails or with the option of one or two rails over it that can be located in front, over or behind the coffin. A jump can be added to the stream crossings. Lots of variations are possible. The course is set up to be able to progressively educate your horse.

Certain distances have been measured on 3 different short courses and on 2 galloping paths so riders can practice different cross country speeds. You can pick up an information sheet stating how long it should take you to gallop at various meters per minute to develop a feel for your galloping time.

The photos are a sampling of the cross country jumps. New jumps are continually being added.                                  

XC Fees
XC with your trainer/ground person       $35
Group discounts for instructors: Bring 3 riders, instructor rides for $20.
Bring 5 riders, instructor rides for Free.
Earlen's cross country lessons are very reasonable. Her group lesson fee works out to the same as schooling yourself.