Country Haven is a 23 acre farm in Pilesgrove, NJ (just outside of Woodstown) with lots of pasture and a limited number of horses.    
The main barn has 8 stalls, each 12' x 12' with rubber mats. Four open into individual pastures. There is a wash stall with heated water. Stalls have fans in summer. All barn doors open into fenced areas for the safety of the horses. A second barn is a work shop, a storage area and a 16' x 44'shed for the horses which opens into a paddock &/or large pastures and can be closed on 2 sides
There are 2 large pastures about 6 acres each and 4 small fields from approximately acre to 2 acres each all planted with Kentucky Blue Grass allowing LOTS OF TURNOUT. There are streams through the large pastures and all fields have heated Nelson waterers. All fields are fenced with 4'+ wood slip board fencing with all the top boards bolted for security.
The farm is sprayed for mosquitoes and also uses fly predators weekly in addition to fly spray.

There is a large parking lot with a solid base and easy turn around for trailers.

There is a cross country course through woods and open fields that has a bank jump, a coffin, a trakehner, a water jump, stream crossings, a hogs back, a snake fence, coops, log piles, gates, brush piles, skinnys, etc.,  In addition, there are jumps in the pasture fence lines so the entire property can be used for cross country.   Click HERE for Cross Country Course info & photos.
Riders can practice riding different cross country speeds, since there are "measured distances" on the cross country course and a galloping path for which the meters per minute have been computed.  Riders can pick up an information sheet telling them how long it should take them to ride the distances at various meters per minutes.
The 150' x 250' sand ring, over a 5"compacted stone dust base & filter fabric, provides terrific footing for the variety of hunter and stadium jumps including a triple combination, flower boxes, gates, striped planks, a Riviera,  brush boxes,  in & out, triple bar, a fan jump, oxers, & a Liverpool.        
There is a training dressage arena (which can be made large or small) in the sand ring with the same great footing.                                                    

Earlen has the use of an indoor arena with lots of mirrors about 5 miles from her farm

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