Sales are on a consulting basis @ $65 per hour.

     I  will:
  1. Direct you to reputable professionals or evaluate horses that you have found.
  2. Look at videos of the horse and/or travel to see the horse or evaluate it at my farm. 
  3. Discuss such things as movement, temperament, conformation, soundness, suitability for the discipline intended and suitability for the rider's ability and temperament.
  4. Assist in negotiating the sale .

You are only charged for the hours that I actually work which usually costs much less than a commission.
This method has worked well to assure clients of an unbiased opinion.

Food for thought:   Whether it is me or someone else, it is advisable to have your prospective purchase evaluated from the most knowledgeable person that you can afford. (Friends are often not as knowledgeable as you might think.)  Ask for the professional's credentials, not just the fact that they've "been in the horse business forever".since some are still not educated. Ask for credentials, resume & references. The original cost of the horse is minimal compared to supporting an unsuitable horse that may be costly to keep and difficult to resell.
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